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Debate - SFHS   +
Advisor: Andy Charrier

2024-Debate, Debate    
Band Department - SFHS   +
Band Director: David Bechard
2024-YLJazzBand, SFHS Jazz Band AM And PM    
2024-YLDrumline, Winter Drumline    
Band Department - SFMS   +
Middle School Jazz Band registration is open.

Band Instructor: Mr. Werner

Rehearsals: Mondays
Concerts: TBD
2024-YLMSInstRent, SFMS Instrument Rental  2:30pm-4:00pm  
2024-YLMSJazz, SFMS Jazz Band  2:30pm-4:00pm  
Boys Alpine Skiing 7-12   +
Head Coach: David Cox
2024-WBoysAlpineSki, Boys Alpine Skiing (gr. 7-12)    
Boys Baseball 9-12   +
Head Coach: Luke Scardigli

March 1 @ 6:00pm - Baseball Informational Meeting

Bridge Street Room at SFHS

2024-SBBaseball, Boys Baseball (Gr. 9-12)    
Boys Basketball 8-12   +
Head Coach: Kyle Waterworth

Preseason meeting: November 15, 2022 7:00pm in the Bridge Street Room

2024-WBoysBasketball, Boys Basketball (gr. 8-12)    
Boys Golf 7-12   +
Head Coach: Brock Libby

March 12 @ 6:00pm Boys Golf Informational Meeting

Room 204 at SFMS

2024-SBGolf, Boys Golf (Gr. 7-12)    
Boys Hockey 9-12   +
Co op team with North Branch High School
Team Name: Northern Edge

Head Coach: Mark Hetland

2024-WBoysHockey, Boys Hockey (gr. 9-12)    
Boys Tennis 7-12   +
Head Coach: Joe Fredrickson

March 13 @ 6:00pm - Parent Informational Meeting

Student Union @ SFHS
2024-SBTennis, Boys Tennis (Gr. 7-12)    
2024-SBTennisDevelop, 6th Grade Boys Tennis Developmental Team    
Boys Track and Field 9-12   +
Head Coach: Mark Hanson

2024-SBTrackandField, Boys Track And Field (Gr. 9-12)    
Co-Ed Track and Field 6 Practice Only   +
6th graders will practice with the 7th and 8th grade track & field team, but cannot compete in events.
There will be no practice for the 6th graders on competition dates.
2024-STrack&Field6, Co-Ed Track And Field (Gr 6) - Practice Only  2:30pm-4:30pm  
Co-Ed Track and Field 7-8   +
Middle School Track and Field registration is now open.
It is open to 7th and 8th grade boys and girls.
We require an up to date sports physical be on file at the school for participation.
No practice if there is no school.

Head Coach: TBD
Assitance Coach: Corina Peterson

Season starts April 1
Practices will be Monday through Thursday, 2:30 to 4:30pm.

There is no activity bus after school. Parents must pick their athletes at the high school at 4:30pm.
Middle School students will have access to the high school locker room to change. Please bring a padlock for your locker and appropriate running shoes and a water bottle each day. Also weather-appropriate clothing. Most practices will be outside.

We will compete against other conference schools. A schedule will be shared at a later date.
2024-STrack&Field78, Co-Ed Track And Field (Gr 7-8)  2:30pm-4:30pm  
Advisor: Lisa-Marie Schrag
Drama - SFHS   +
Advisor: Glenn Morehouse Olson

Questions? 763-213-1633

2024-Spr.MusicalTech, SFHS Spring Musical- Into The Woods    
2024-SpringMusical, SFHS Spring Musical- Into The Woods    
Girls Alpine Skiing 7-12   +
Head Coach: David Cox
2024-WGirlsAlpineSki, Girls Alpine Skiing (gr. 7-12)    
Girls Basketball 7-12   +
Head Coach: Travarus Bennett

2024-WGirlsBasketbal, Girls Basketball (gr. 7-12)    
Girls Dance Team 7-12   +
Head Coach: Kayla Biegler

2024-WDanceTeam, Winter Dance Team (gr. 7-12)    
Girls Golf 7-12   +
Head Coach: Joan Johnson

March 14 @ 6:00pm Parent Informational Meeting

2024-SGGolf, Girls Golf (Gr. 7-12)    
Girls Gymnastics 7-12   +
Head Coach: Candi Johnson

Preseason meeting: October 12, 2022 - 5:30pm in the Saints Room
2024-WGymnastics, Girls Gymnastics (gr. 7-12)    
Girls Hockey 7-12   +
We co-op with Cambridge-Isanti and North Branch.
Our team name is the Northern Tier Stars!

Head Coach: Josh Kozak
2024-WGirlsHockey, Girls Hockey (gr. 7-12)    
Girls Softball 7-12   +
Head Coach: Sharon Bergman

February 27 @ 6:00pm - Parent Informational Meeting

Bridge Street Room @ SFHS

2024-SGSoftball, Girls Softball (Gr. 7-12)    
Girls Track and Field 9-12   +
Head Coach: Mark Hanson

2024-SGTrackandField, Girls Track And Field (Gr. 9-12)    
Knowledge Bowl - SFHS   +
Advisor: Jonathan Cooksey
2024-YLKnowledgeBowl, Knowledge Bowl- SFHS (gr.9-12)    
Pay by Cash/Check   +
2024-YLMSCashCheck, SFMS Paying With Cash Or Check    
2024-SPaybyCashCheck, Paying By Cash Or Check- Spring    
Robotics   +
Advisor: Clarissa Dobson

2024-WRobotics, Robotics (gr. 7-12)    
Speech   +
Advisor: Madonna Arnold
YL-Speech, Speech    
Spring Strength and Conditioning   +

2024-SStrength, Spring Strength And Conditioning 8-12    
Wrestling (SFHS) Gr 7-12   +
Head Coach: Kurt Werk

Preseason meeting: November 8, 2023 6:30pm in the Bridge Street Room

2024-WWrestling, Boys Wrestling (gr. 7-12)